Why Bears are so good at football today

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When the Chicago Bears beat the Kansas City Chiefs 24-17 on Sunday, it marked a remarkable comeback.

That was enough to seal the Bears’ 12th consecutive win over the Chiefs and make them one of just five teams to do so since the NFL merged in 1999.

The last team to accomplish that feat?

The Philadelphia Eagles in 1960.

The Chiefs have struggled mightily against the Bears in the past two seasons, but the Bears haven’t been nearly as bad.

This year, the Chiefs are 1-2, but have won three of their last four.

This is a different kind of team than the ones that won the Super Bowl in 2016 and ’17, when the Bears were dominant.

The Chiefs are no longer a team that wants to get beat down.

The Bears have shown the kind of athleticism and speed they showed during their Super Bowl run, and they’ve been more aggressive and physical than they’ve shown since they won Super Bowl XLII.

The Bears have won eight straight and are undefeated in the regular season.

And, while it’s true that the Chiefs haven’t played their best football of the season, this is a team who can win close games with the right play-calling and execution.

The fact that they’re the AFC’s most exciting team should make the Bears more comfortable against this group of opponents, which is what the Bears need.

Here are five things to watch heading into the game:The Bears are playing for their first title in eight years, which makes it the perfect time to take stock of the franchise and how they’ve changed since their run to the Superbowl in 2016.

In the past five seasons, the Bears have averaged 8.6 points per game, but this year they’ve averaged 8 points per contest.

In the past three years, they’ve scored at least 20 points in seven of those seven years, and that’s just once.

That’s one of the reasons why I love this team so much.

They’re just a great team, and the way they play has made them one that I really believe can win in this league.

The team has been a complete team all season, and it has no doubt taken a beating.

But the Bears are still the team to beat, and I don’t think there’s anything more fun to watch than watching the team play a team like the Chiefs.

They’re a team on the rise, and you have to watch them win with a little bit of faith.

If you want to see how the Bears play, I think the best way to do it is to tune into ESPN.

They’ll be broadcasting every game live.

I can’t recommend the broadcast enough, because they are a good show and the coverage is very entertaining.

I just think it’s amazing how they are playing, how much fun they are having, and how well they’re playing.

I think they’re doing everything they can to win.

And they do it without having any pressure.

They just want to win and that just gives me so much joy.

I think the Bears know they’re going to have to put the pressure on.

If they don’t have that, they’re not going to get the job done.

And it’s going to be fun to see them play a lot of fun games.

The biggest thing I like about this team is how they can go into the playoffs, because you know how it is with teams that go into it.

If you go into a playoff game with the mindset that you’re going into it as a team and we’re all going to play for each other, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

So you’re putting yourself in a lot more danger than you’re getting to play.

And you’re risking your health and you’re doing your team a disservice.

But the thing is, if you do the right things and play well, you’ll have a chance to win it all.

That is why I think these teams are so fun.

And that’s why they’re so exciting.

The defense is great.

I don´t know if you’ve noticed, but when the offense gets together, it really has been amazing.

They’ve been phenomenal.

They were in the top five in the league in yards allowed and points allowed, and those numbers have never been better.

The defense is doing what they do because it’s the right way to go about it.

This team is very versatile.

It has a lot going on.

It’s a very good offense.

It also has a great defense.

It gives you an opportunity to get into a lot things with a team of four or five guys that know how to play the game.

And I think that’s what you need to have in order to win a championship.

And I think it´s very important for this team to have that mentality, because if you lose confidence in your defense, then you’re in big trouble.

If this team plays like that, it will take them to a very, very difficult position.

But if they play the

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