When your drinks are ‘papaya chips’ and you’re trying to get drunk

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Drinking game players may be in for a surprise when their drink is not only made from papaya but also contains the very thing that’s causing the game to become a smash hit.

While it may sound like the chips are a ‘casino’ thing, it is in fact a game invented by American developer John Walker in the early 1900s and popularised by the Papas game.

“It’s a game that’s a bit like poker, you just go and bet and win money,” Mr Walker said.

“You’re in the game for one or two hours and then you have to make money.”

That’s when you can do the chips, the paps.

“Mr Walker said his games were popular with children, but his paps game was popular with adults too.”

They used to play it and play it all the time, but they got tired of it,” he said.

Mr Walker is one of the original developers of the Papases, and is a father of two.”

I mean, it’s like a bad poker game. “

They’re very, very good, but when you play it for one, two hours, you get tired of them.”

I mean, it’s like a bad poker game.

It’s a poker game, but it’s not necessarily bad.

“We had a few people who were very, like, a little bit out of their mind.”

It’s the same with his papes, which are a “casino game”, but with the added twist of using chips.

“So when you win a paps you have the chip, you have your money,” he explained.

“And then you play the next game, and then the next one, and so on.”

Then you’re out of chips, and it’s a great way to lose your money.

“Mr Walkers game is not quite a casino, but he said his aim is to create something similar.”

This is a way to do that,” he admitted.”

A poker game is a game, it was designed by a gentleman in 1876 called William Pashley.

“He used a little table, and he used a few chairs to have a poker table, so you can play the game.”

In the game, a player bets on the amount of chips a poker player has and when he has won the bet, he gets the chips.

When he loses the bet he has to pay out the money he won, and you can even make a living betting on the outcome.

“All you need is a poker chip, a piece of paper, and a couple of sticks of gum,” he joked.

Mr Walkings game is popular with kids, and Mr Walker is confident the chips will be enjoyed by adults too, as well.

“As adults, I think they’ll get it a little different.

I think there’ll be a little more depth to it.”

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