When does a company get a big buyout?

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New acquisitions for a company’s stock market is often accompanied by a massive buyout.

But what happens when that acquisition is in the form of a virtual currency?

On Tuesday, a virtual coin called “Gem” was traded on the Japanese market.

The coin is valued at a whopping US$2,000.

Its price has skyrocketed to US$10,000 by the end of the day.

While it is not clear what the currency was worth, speculation has swirled that it could be a virtual version of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

The exchange, called CoinBase, was founded in 2008 and claims to be the world’s largest bitcoin exchange.

Its cryptocurrency, which has been described as a cryptocurrency-like system, is called “Ethereum” and is based on blockchain technology, which uses cryptography to prevent the use of any information in the blockchain.

Ethereum has a very limited number of transactions, which makes it a scarce commodity.

For instance, Ethereum transactions are only limited to those made in a particular currency, and transactions are limited to only 100 Ether per transaction.

The currency is also a public ledger that shows the amount of ether held by all participants in a transaction.

However, because it is decentralized, Ethereum has no central authority and no central bank.

Therefore, it is very difficult for a third party to “manipulate” the blockchain and steal the ether from the participants.

That makes it impossible for a central bank to “print” more Ether.

Instead, the Ethereum blockchain is controlled by the Ethereum Foundation, an organization formed in 2015 by members of the Ethereum community.

The Ethereum Foundation has several members, including Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum and the creator and leader of the Bitcoin project.

Its members include many entrepreneurs, programmers, and investors.

The currency also has its own blockchain, which is called the Ethereum Classic blockchain.

The Classic blockchain is also decentralized, but it does not have a central authority.

This means that the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic cryptocurrencies are different from each other, and their value is based entirely on the decisions of the developers and users of the currencies.

The Ethereum Classic coin is currently worth about US$50.

The value of a coin, which can be traded on a wide range of exchanges, can fluctuate, and there is no guarantee that the exchange rate will remain constant.

The value of Ether has been rising since its value peaked at $500 per Ether in late July.

Its current value is about US $1,500.

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