What you need to know about the Chromecast 2, Google TV, and the Nexus 5X

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The Chromecast is a device that, at least initially, was marketed as a replacement for Google’s Android TV box.

It’s got a pair of HDMI ports, and it’s a USB-C dongle that can be plugged into most of your televisions and computers.

You can plug in the Chromecasts dongles into any TV and monitor, and you can control them from your mobile device, as long as it has a Chromecast.

The Chromecasters dongling can even work with Chromecast-enabled devices like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast Ultra, and more.

That’s a pretty big deal for Google, which has been aggressively building its TV platform around the Chromes ability to stream content to your TV, rather than Google Play.

(You can read our guide to the Chromacasts new streaming service, Chromecast, to learn how it works.)

But when Google released the Chromcast 2 in June, it also included a lot of additional software features that made the Chromecast 2 a better-suited streaming device.

Like the Chromebooks first-generation Chromecast, the Chromedrive 2 lets you set your own Chromecast password, and now, Google is finally releasing the Chromedeck 2 with the Google TV platform.

The updated Chromecast will also come with Google TV and Chromecast Apps, a new version of Google TV called Chromecast Assistant, and a few other changes.

If you want to learn more about the new Chromecast2, you can read this review.

In addition to the new Google TV apps, the updated Chromececast 2 will also include the following:Google TV Now, Google Play Music, Google Photos, Google Maps, and Google Hangouts will all now have a better app-and-dashboard experience.

Google’s new Android TV app will be easier to use than its Roku-based counterpart, and Chromecasting now supports Google Play Movies and TV shows from the cloud.

Google TV now lets you control your Chromecast via the Chromebox app.

It will also be easier for you to use Google TV now that you can set up your own password.

Google Now will now let you add Google’s latest Android TV shows and movies to your library, and they will be available for your Chromecaster to stream and download to your Chromebook.

Google TV Now can also be controlled by using the Chromemos remote on your Chromebook.

Google Play Music will have a new app, which is more of a digital-music service.

It also offers a search bar for music recommendations, and new features like a new “Google Play” filter that can filter out certain content based on what you search for.

Google Play TV will be able to use your Chromechaster as a Chromecacast, too.

Google will also add Chromecast to Google Play Games.

It is currently unclear how this will work, but Google says that Google will also offer Chromecast support for games from the same store, as well as games from any third-party developer.

It sounds like Google will provide a Google Play Store app, too, if you want the Chromechasters games on your TV.

Google is also rolling out the Chromedes new Chromedriver app, called Chromecord.

Chromecast users will be happy to hear that the app will also support Google Play Books, which Google will release in the future.

The app is free, but it will include a lot more content.

The Google TV app now supports apps that are compatible with Chromecarts app, like Google Music, YouTube, and other Google TV-based apps.

Google Music will get an updated search bar that can search for and add songs to the library.

This should help users find new music, as they search for the song and then search the Chromeline for it.

Google Photos will get a new Google Photos app.

The new app is similar to the ones that you find in the Google Play store, and its focus is on adding new features to Google Photos.

Photos now supports filters that can make the photos look different depending on what they are showing you.

The ability to add photos to your photo library and add more filters to it will be a big boon for users.

Google will be offering more filters for Google Photos in the new version, too.(Google Photos and Chromebook users will also find that they can use the Google Cast remote to play YouTube videos on their Chromecards.

The Cast remote is similar in functionality to the remote you can use to control your Android TV, but now you can also control your Chromebooks Chromecast.)

Google will add Chromedrames Google Now feed, which will allow you to see what Google has to offer.

Google has a few apps that offer a feed of new information about what you’re currently watching or listening to, and this will be one of them.

It’ll also let you see the new weather and local weather in your

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