‘This is the best I’ve ever seen’: What it was like for the troops in the Australian Army

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The Australian Army is an iconic brand.

When you’re a young soldier, you’re in charge of a lot of things and you have a lot to do, so you spend a lot time with your mates and with the troops.

The soldiers’ uniforms are a reminder of the history of the Australian armed forces, but they also serve as a kind of social lubricant for those who are in uniform.

It is something that has stayed with you all your life.

Every time you leave the barracks, you get to wear the same uniform.

You wear it to the gym, you wear it at work, and it’s your uniform on your head.

But you’re also constantly reminded of what it means to be Australian, and that it’s all about serving and protecting.

You’re always looking out for each other, and you’re always supporting the troops, whether it’s the troops that are fighting in the Middle East or in the Afghanistan war, the people who are trying to protect you in your home country, or the soldiers in the US and Iraq.

When I was a young boy, my mum told me that we had to be brave and loyal, because when we went to school, our uniforms were very important.

We had to put on the uniform and make sure that we were in uniform and not the wrong one.

And it was a really good reminder to us that we’re all a family.

So, as a young kid, I was very lucky.

We were all part of a troop that was there at the same time, and I was always able to get to know everyone.

That’s how it’s been all my life, and every time I come home from overseas, I think about all the people that I have known and all the times that I’ve spent with them.

There’s always a sense of pride in being Australian.

We’ve got an enormous Australian military tradition that goes back to the Victorian era, and the men and women who served in our country’s defence forces have always represented Australia.

Every year on Australia Day, the troops march down the street in a huge procession.

I can see the pride in the soldiers’ faces when they march down these streets.

The Australian Defence Force’s Medal of Honour is a symbol of bravery and service that has been awarded to the soldiers who have given their lives to defend Australia.

When the Australian Defence Forces Medal of Honor is awarded, the soldiers march in front of the city’s National War Memorial.

It’s a big, colourful banner that shows the number of their unit.

And I’ve always seen it on the banner when I was little.

So when I got to be a soldier, I always looked forward to marching with my mates, wearing my uniform and being in the same line of fire as the men.

I remember the pride that I had in being an Australian.

It was just a special feeling, and one that I couldn’t explain.

But as I got older, I started to realise that the medals were very much an extension of my identity, and they made me feel like a part of something special.

I’ve been told that I look like my father, and my mother, and everything in between.

I look the same as they did, but I don’t have any real cultural or social differences, and all of that is just a very superficial thing.

My father is my biggest and best friend.

He’s a wonderful man, and we’ve been together for 40 years.

I grew up with a great family and a wonderful community, and there’s nothing that could ever compare to it.

When we were little, my dad used to walk around our town with me and my mum and my brothers, and he would often go to the local shopping centre to buy me things that I would never have been able to afford.

He would always ask me what my favourite colour was, and what the latest football team was.

It made me really happy to see my dad smile, and when I look at the flags of Australia, I want to say ‘Thank you very much for that’.

My mum’s a very special person, and she’s always there for me.

She’s always been there for my dad, and for me, and as a family, we’re always there to support each other. I don

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