Steelers game today is the only time I’ve ever shot game

Computer games

My girlfriend and I are shooting a video game today. 

It’s going to be a long one, so watch the video to get the full story. 

If you’re interested in shooting games, here’s the video below. 

We’re using a $600 Sony P7K and the game looks gorgeous.

We’ve shot the game for hours and hours now, and it looks like it could use some work. 

So how do you get the game? 

Well, it doesn’t cost a lot to make a game, so it’s possible to get a copy on a Mac or PC for about $50. 

The PlayStation 4 version is only $70, and the Xbox One version is $100. 

There are also multiple ways to get copies, like through the PlayStation Store or through Steam, but the best way to get one is to get it through Steam. 

And that’s what we’re going to do. 

First, we’re getting a copy of Steelers Game  for the PlayStation 4. 

 Steelers Game  is the game we’re using as the template for this article, so you’ll see it in the video. 

Here’s how we’re gonna get it: 1.

Go to Steam  and search for Steeler Game. 


In the search bar, search for the title of the game you want. 


In that search box, click on the “Add to cart” button. 


In a new window, type in “Steelers” and click on “Add” 5.

Next, click “Manage” to change the name of your copy of the product. 


Click “Change” to save the changes. 


Now that we’ve changed the name, we need to update the copy of Steelering Game in your Steam account. 


Click on “Game” and then click “Change Game” 9.

Click Play Now  to play. 

Now that you have your copy, we can download it. 10.

Go into your Steam library and click Games  to open up the Steeling Game directory. 


Click the “Select all” button and enter your game. 


On the next page, click Play and you’re done. 

Note: You can also download games from Steam and use Steam to play them on your PC, but you’ll probably need to pay a bit more for that. 

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