Pokemon Go is still on the radar of Nintendo, even after its recent release

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It’s been two months since Pokemon Go was released on the Nintendo Switch.

Since then, there have been no major issues with the game.

The game is still available in stores, and some Pokemon Go players have been reporting issues with connectivity.

The developers of the game are taking the reports seriously, but haven’t made any big changes to the game since its launch.

“We have not made any changes to Pokemon Go since its release, which was a great response to the feedback we received,” the developer, Nintendo of America, wrote in an email to Polygon.

“However, as you may have noticed, the game is now available in the app store, and we have added the option to download the game via the internet.

We will be updating the game as we continue to address these issues.”

The developer added that the app will also offer a “very helpful and intuitive” online tutorial, and that players can log in with their Nintendo Switch’s console.

The company has also confirmed that Pokemon Go has been updated to fix an issue that made the game crash on launch.

A new game in development and released as a free download.

The developer also addressed reports that the game’s network connection was being affected, and the fact that some players reported a “broken” game or “gamepad issue.”

“There were reports that a connection issue was causing the game to crash when it first launched,” the email stated.

“Nintendo has been working hard to resolve this issue.

We are working hard with the developers of Pokemon Go to ensure a stable and seamless launch.

While we cannot promise an immediate fix, we are committed to working with them to fix any issues as soon as possible.”

Pokemon Go for Switch and Nintendo Switch are both free, and are compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Both platforms support local wireless play.

A handful of Nintendo Switch games are also compatible with Pokemon Go, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Go and the Pokemon Go app have also been updated, which has made the games more robust.

The Pokemon Go team says they are working on a patch for the game that will fix the issues.

“For those of you who have not yet been able to download Pokemon Go on Nintendo Switch, please download the patch to get it running on your device,” the app said in a message to users.

The update has also been available in game since Tuesday.

The app is currently being updated to the latest version of iOS 10.

“The update will be rolling out over the next few days, so stay tuned for the updates,” the update said.

Pokemon GO on Nintendo 3DS The Pokemon GO app is compatible with the 3DS, as well.

“POKEMON GO has been available on Nintendo platforms for a while now, but the game has yet to be available on the Switch,” Nintendo of Europe wrote.

“That’s all about to change.

As part of the upcoming Switch release, the 3D version of the Pokemon GO game will be available for download for Nintendo Switch players worldwide.”

Pokemon GO for Nintendo 3ds is free, but you need a Nintendo Switch to play the game on it.

It’s also compatible on iOS, Windows, Android and Nintendo 3D Windows.

The 3DS version of Pokemon GO is also compatible for Nintendo GameCube players, and on Windows.

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