New research shows why people enjoy playing games like Minecraft

Mobile games

The game Minecraft is the most popular on mobile devices in the US and around the world.

But the research, conducted by the Pew Research Center, also found that the popularity of the game is tied to people’s cognitive abilities, and that the more a player can master the game and its challenges, the more likely they are to continue playing.

“The most compelling part of this study is how people can actually experience the game as a game,” said Dr. Michael Eich, director of the Pew Center for the Study of Media, Entertainment and Citizenship.

The study found that people with lower cognitive abilities enjoyed playing games as much as those with higher cognitive abilities.

But in the same people who enjoyed playing the most, those with lower ability played the game less.

“People who are high on ability are more likely to be high on playing games and to have less engagement with them,” said Eich.

The research also found some surprising correlations between cognitive ability and the frequency of people playing games.

In the US, the study found, those who scored high on a test called the Verbal Reasoning Test (VQT) were about 15% more likely than those with average scores to play games.

“We find that those with less ability are less likely to engage with games, but that there are other aspects to this as well,” said Ryan Hall, lead author of the study and a psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

The VQT tests students to see how well they can make out words that are spelled out by using a letter to identify each word.

In general, people who score higher on the test tend to be more likely, say, to be reading comprehension learners.

“It’s not just people who are less interested in the game,” Hall said.

“When it comes to learning, it’s more than just a matter of what they can do.

They’re engaged and engaged in learning.”

The study also found people with less cognitive ability were more likely not to play video games.

But it also found those who score high on the VQTs are more than twice as likely to play videogames.

People with a lower cognitive ability are also more likely who play videogame.

“They tend to prefer to play against the machine, to get something done against a computer,” Hall explained.

“That’s why it’s very interesting that people who have a lower level of ability seem to be the most likely to continue to play as long as possible.”

The findings are part of a larger Pew Research survey that looked at people’s engagement with video games from 2009 to 2014.

The survey asked people if they ever played games and if they thought it was worth spending time playing them, and also asked them to explain how they felt about games, including whether they felt they had a good time playing.

The results of the survey were published in the December edition of the journal PLOS ONE.

“Our findings suggest that people are more engaged when they are engaged,” Hall added.

“There is a difference between engaging and spending time with others.

The more people engage, the better the engagement, and the more people are likely to stay engaged.”

Eich and his colleagues have been studying the brain for years, and his research has shown that playing video games is associated with higher levels of executive function, or working memory.

“If we can help people to better understand why people play, how it’s shaped by cognitive ability, and how that might be associated with their cognitive health, we could possibly help people manage cognitive health in ways that might improve their overall health,” Eich said.

Researchers say the findings provide new evidence for the importance of playing video gaming and its connection to health and well-being.

The next step, Eich says, is to examine how playing video-game experiences affects people’s brain structure.

“I think this research provides evidence that playing games may help people with specific cognitive problems,” he said.

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