How to play Serie A games today

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You can’t miss the chance to play a few matches this weekend with your friends at your favourite Serie A club.

The first match of the weekend will take place on Saturday evening, August 1, at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome against Lazio.

This match will see the two sides face off in the Europa League, a competition which has been played in Italy since 1999.

The competition is played in three phases.

Phase one is a group stage.

The top four teams from each of the four divisions qualify to play in the knockout stages.

The second phase is the semi-finals.

The two sides play each other in a best-of-three match to determine who advances to the last four.

The third phase is a final.

The sides face each other again for the final match of a group.

The final will be played on Sunday evening, September 6, at 5pm.

The two sides will be in Rome to face off for the first time in Serie A history, so make sure you arrive early.

The Europa League phase starts on Friday evening, December 14, and will last through to Sunday evening on Saturday, December 18.

This will see three groups of three teams, with the winner advancing to the knockout stage.

The other two groups will play two matches each on Wednesday and Thursday evening, with both teams advancing to play each others in the last eight.

On Friday evening the sides will face off against each other, with each side hoping to get a result at the game.

The winners of each match will face each of their opponents in the next group stage, where the loser will have to play the winner of the previous group stage match to advance to the final.

soccer games today

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