EA Sports apologises for banning ‘disgusting’ board game

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The video game publisher EA Sports has apologised after it banned a board game for playing “disgustingly” in an online match.

The “Disgusting Board Game” was banned on Sunday after players complained about its inclusion on the game’s match-day portal.

The offending board game is called Disgusting.

The game was one of the first to feature the phrase “I’m Disgusted” in a promotional video, and it is now being removed from the site.

“It is not OK to play this game on a match day,” a statement from EA Sports read.

“We understand the frustration of players who felt this was offensive to their experience and want to make it clear that this is not okay.

We want everyone to enjoy the game and enjoy the games that they love, but in the interest of our community we are making this change.”

In a statement to The Verge, EA Sports said it was taking the game down “to make a point” about racism and sexism.

“This is a game with a strong message and an extensive community of people who are passionate about it,” the statement read.

The announcement came a day after the United States Football Association said it would ban the game “in the interest” of racial equality.

The video-game industry has faced criticism in recent months for its handling of racial and sexual harassment allegations against professional players.

The backlash has resulted in a number of games being removed and others being pulled from sale.

In March, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that the company would not allow “offensive” content to be distributed on its platform, but the company did not remove the “disgraceful” game from the marketplace.

The company did, however, pull the title from its website, after complaints.

“EA has taken the decision to remove Disgustable from our platform due to the concerns raised by a large group of our players,” Wilson said in a statement.

“The company is committed to the safety and well-being of all of our communities, and we are working hard to ensure this does not happen again.

We do not tolerate it, and will continue working to ensure that this does never happen again.””

Disgrace is unacceptable.

We do not tolerate it, and will continue working to ensure that this does never happen again.”

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